For the
capital costs of installing a new heating system: Two Options;

1. You buy

2. We buy for you

For the
fuel, either you can:

A. Buy heat from us

B. You provide your own fuel.

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Capital costs.

Both choices apply to private individuals, companies, FNs and Municipalities.

You buy

  • We discuss the scope of the work needed to integrate a biomass system to your situation. Not surprisingly everyone is unique and wants different things.
  • We provide you with a quote via our installer ACS Mechanical.
  • Once a price has been agreed you contact Good Energy with the offer, fill in the forms and make the Grant application.
  • Obtain permission to proceed from Good Energy.
  • Place an order with ACS Mechanical
  • Once billed you apply for the grant.

The above is the preferred route where permanent works and equipment are incorporated into your building.

We buy

  • We do the above for you, we enter into a contract with you to cover reimbursement on a monthly basis of the capital costs.
  • We make the grant application
  • We get permission to proceed.
  • Then we do the ordering and do the installation.
  • Then we get the grant back.
  • Ownerhsip of the works remains ours.

The above is the preferred route where we use containerised systems that can be readily removed.

Fuel Choices.

Both choices apply to private individuals, companies, FNs and Municipalities.

Buy heat from us.

  • We enter into a contract to supply heat to you which is measures using a heat meter.
  • We sell heat by the Kilowatt hour, KWh, in exactly the same way as you would buy a unit of electricity in the same units, (kWh), from your power provider
  • We organise the filling of the silo with fuel
  • On a monthly basis we bill you for the heat used.
  • We service the boiler.
  • You dont have to do anything!

The above is the preferred route if you want to get on with your business and let us get on with ours!

You buy your own fuel

  • Simply find a company to buy fuel from either chips or pellets.
  • When you run low you order the fuel or pick it up
  • Fill your own silo or perhaps the company will fill it for you depending on their delivery options
  • Organise your own servicing of the equipment to maintain the warranty and operate at peak efficiency.

NOTE: All boilers break down. A nominal warranty comes with each boiler, but after that the cost of spares and labour will need to be paid for as a separate bill.

Lets sell you some heat...............